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Performance Software
At the cutting edge of technology, Unitronic’s Headquarters features some of the most sophisticated tools and equipment to engineer the finest automotive performance products. Unitronic’s DTS/Superflow Engine Dynamometer and MAHA Chassis Dynamometer allows Unitronic with the ability to conduct proper research, development, testing, and validation of its Performance Software and Hardware products; ultimately allowing Unitronic to DELIVER THE POWER™ to its Clients with unmatched reliability.

Performance Hardware
Unitronic’s Hardware Engineering Department utilizes the latest in 3D scanning technology with its in-house 3D Laser Scanner. This tool provides its team with the ability to develop Performance Hardware products with the highest level of precision currently possible within our industry. This translates to perfect fitment and maximum performance possible, while reducing prototyping and quality control validation time frames. Because of the "lab-like" installation of our Dyno Room and components, Unitronic is able to replicate any temperature, condition, load, or road-like environment. These tools gives us the possibility to test various stock engines, as well as Unitronic's Hardware Products for their performance, reliability, strength, and integrity.

Total Synergy Between Hardware and Software Products
After Unitronic’s years of knowledge and expertise in software calibrations, it often identified voids in the marketplace when calibrating its performance software in conjunction with poorly engineered and designed third-party hardware. As a result, Unitronic introduced its Performance Hardware line to match its unique quality standards. This translates to a complete performance package of staged performance software and hardware.


Worldwide Dealer Network
Unitronic’s Authorized Dealer Network extends worldwide throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia continents, reaching over 30 countries. Unitronic’s Research and Development practices along with its in-house tools and equipment ensure that it’s Performance Software and Hardware are maximized for reliable, safe operation in nearly any operating conditions throughout the world. Whether you’re in the busy streets of China, at the top of Andes Mountains in Argentina, or anywhere in between, rest assured that you can trust Unitronic Performance Software and Hardware to DELIVER THE POWER™.

Unsurpassed Support and Customer Care
When you use Unitronic Genuine Performance Products you not only get the ultimate driving experience – you also gain access to a very knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff that is always available to provide support and answer any questions you may have. We have earned a significant reputation for our world-renowned customer care and support; we take great pride in this reputation and will continue to provide the best customer service every day. Whether you are a customer of Unitronic or interested in becoming one, exceptional expert advice is only a phone call away.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Period
Unitronic stands behind its Performance Software & Hardware to deliver its Clients with the performance, quality, and reliability the brand has been established on. Unitronic offers a hassle free, no questions asked 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on its Performance Software and a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original Client on its Performance Hardware.

Our goal is to enhance your vehicle’s performance, while ensuring the advertised power figures are met. Our risk-free guarantee exists to bring you peace of mind, so you can rely on Unitronic to go the extra mile for you, every time. We are here to serve you and build on our solid reputation, one satisfied customer at a time.

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There’s nothing better than feedback from Clients who have already chosen Unitronic Performance Software and Hardware. While it’s often hard to translate into words, we encourage you to watch the videos below and see how these Clients’ candid reactions after their vehicle was tuned with Unitronic Performance Software.

Follow us on Youtube to see our latest videos. Event coverage, Research and Development sneak peek and new product launches awaits you on the Unitronic Youtube channel.

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